Yacht Charters From Parker Boats in Miami, FL

Reasons for Choosing Miami Yacht Charters

If you like cruising the blue waters of Bahamas, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Caribbean and south beach Florida, Miami Yacht Charters gives you an excellent opportunity to sail and enjoy yourself.  They have a variety of beautiful yachts to choose from depending on your dreams and desires.  If you are looking for fun adventures, spectacular views and long lasting memories, consider talking to them.

Why choose Parker Boats

Fl Yacht Charters Miami have top notch vessels that will allow you to enjoy sailing to exciting destinations. Besides, they have uniquely designed vessels that give you a chance to sail to the horizon, enabling you access areas that very few people have accessed while enjoying the comfort of top notch vessels. This is a rare opportunity that gives you new choices including sharing extraordinary times with your friends.


When you choose Parker boats, you will be guaranteed of a well trained crew that understands its job well, know where it is legal to cruise and the value of cruising. In addition, the crew knows how far a specific yacht can reasonably travel and the best direction to take at any given time.  It has also mastered the sea and will ensure that you maximize the sailing by taking you to places that are worth seeing.

If you are looking forward to sailing to exciting areas at the right price, you need to talk to Miami Yacht Charters.  They will make it easy for you from the start to the end.  The fact that they have been in this industry for long and have participated in shaping the yachting industry means that they offer the best services to all sailors.
Get a chance to be served by a staff that value teamwork and which is ready to share their knowledge and experience so that clients can enjoy.

Family events

If you have a family, no other company can offer services in the same way Miami Yacht Charters do.  They own Yachts that are designed for families and which takes into account the needs of children of all ages ranging from toddlers to the teenagers.  Your itinerary will be carefully planned and you will be advised on the best and safe destinations to choose.

Also, Miami Yacht Charters have specially designed vessels that allow people to celebrate as they cruise.  It does not matter whether you are celebrating a birthday anniversary or a wedding anniversary. Celebrating it on a yacht can be exciting and memorable.

Corporate Events

Sometimes, finding the right venue for corporate events may be a difficult task. Luckily, Miami Yacht Charters have several vessels designed to allow you to host your corporate event aboard a yacht. It gives you an opportunity to tell your clients and staff how valuable they are to your business.  The yachts allow you to entertain your clients and provide a memorable opportunity to launch new products.  Seizing this opportunity to tell the public what you do in a style is important and can help raise the profile of your company.